STERLING ON SUNDAY delivers a very human transition from weekend to weekday

Topics include the type of stories two best friends might discuss. Listeners appreciate conversations about family, celebrity nonsense, trouble with neighbors, coping with the kids at school and why things go wrong at work. The other stuff in life.

Walter Sterling is a gifted showman whose opinions and stories reveal a quirky twist. Your listeners will remember what they hear on the Sterling show and engage with advertisers for profitable results.

WPHT Philadelphia, a 50,000 watt CBS station, has shown strong ratings growth during the over three years Sterling has graced their airwaves.

Stations on board include WPHT-A Philadelphia, KMBZ-F Kansas City, WBAP-A Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Listen to samples from the show.

Airtime: Sunday 10p-1a ET LIVE

Delivery Method: Satellite

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