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America’s leading consumer expert, Clark Howard, empowers his audience to become smarter shoppers. His message is resonating across the country, reaching more than four million listeners a week.

Clark is now delivering even more consumer tips for your listeners!

  • Two new, one-minute consumer tips per day.
  • Leverage Clark’s success by cross-promoting him in other dayparts.
  • Your advertiser’s get more Clark Howard.

Clark Howard Minute Show Samples

  • Having trouble nailing down your refinance? The lenders are swamped with applications right now. Clark tells you how long he expects the low rates to last.
  • Seen those ads from debt-reduction companies promising to negotiate your debt down to pennies on the dollar? Don’t fall prey to their tricks. Clark explains.
  • Not sure what to do with your income tax refund this year? Clark has some suggestions.
  • Looking for a work-at-home opportunity? Beware of these five hot scams!

Clark Howard Minute Show Topics

  • Insurance, Personal Finance, Consumer Awareness
  • Local/Long Distance and Internet Deals, Health & Healthcare
  • Travel Tips, Education, Employment, Military, 401K’s, IRA’s, and Investment Funds
  • Scams & Rip offs, Purchasing Car Advice, Home & Real Estate

Clark Howard Minute Sample 1

Clark Howard Minute Sample 2

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