One powerful slide can say 1,000 words. 

As 2016 comes to an end, the Cumulus and Westwood One Insights team is looking back at the most powerful stories of the year. Today we present our five most popular decks on SlideShare, the social sharing site for presentations. We chose these decks based on number of views since we launched the page in the summer of 2015. In total, these five decks were viewed over 28,000 times.

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1. Test Your Knowledge: Perception and Reality of American Audio Audiences

The U.S. radio industry wanted to understand the perceived and actual audience size of AM/FM and streaming services. We turned to the leaders in advertiser sentiment (Advertiser Perceptions), online audio usage (Edison Research’s “Share of Ear” study), and media measurement (Nielsen) for the answers. 

Spoiler alert: advertisers dramatically underestimate the reach of AM/FM radio and massively overestimate the magnitude of streaming audio.

Since we originally published this deck in August 2015, it’s received nearly 9,000 views on SlideShare, making it our most popular presentation on the social platform.

Test your knowledge: how much do you know about audio listening today?

View the blog for the deck here.

2. Millennial Myths and Realities 

Now that you’ve tested your audio knowledge in general, let’s see how much you know about Millennials.

Millennials have been a hot topic among marketers over the last decade. Assumptions about Millennial media habits like “they no longer listen to AM/FM radio,” are just totally wrong.  

In “Millennial Myths and Realities,” published this past spring, we check the facts on these assumptions. 

View the deck here or embedded below.

3. Radio Delivers Voters

Political advertising was naturally a huge topic this year, and we examined how AM/FM radio fits into the political media mix. Our “Radio Delivers Voters” report, released earlier this year, looks at why radio should be a key aspect of any political candidate’s media mix. 

The bottom line: AM/FM radio reaches and influences voters. A sophisticated new tool, Nielsen Voter Ratings, gave us the power to segment how different voters listen, in order to help political advertisers target the right audience. 

View the deck here or embedded below. 

4. Share of Ear

Edison Research’s “Share of Ear” is the definitive source for how Americans listen to audio. The quarterly study tracks how many Americans use each audio source and the share of time spent with each platform.

“Share of Ear” is a great SlideShare to bookmark, as we update the data every quarter, including new trends and insights about how people are listening to audio. (For our latest recap, check out “6 Surprising Trends About Digital Audio From The Latest Edison Research Share Of Ear Study.”) 

View the deck here or embedded below. 

5. The State of American In-Car Audio

Edison Research’s “Share of Ear” study also specifically tracks how Americans listen to audio in the car. We used this data, alongside other sources, to create “The State of American In-Car Audio,” which was recently refreshed in the fall. 

AM/FM radio remains “king of the road” as the dominate source of audio listening in the car, where most Americans commute every day. Read more about the importance of AM/FM radio in the car in our newly published blog post: “Advertising Beyond The New York Bubble: How America Commutes And What It Means For Media Plans.” 

View the deck here or embedded below. 

Ellie Behling is Managing Editor of Insights at Cumulus | Westwood One.

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