by Insights @ Westwood One

With the NFL Draft this week, it’s only 135 days until Westwood One broadcasts our first NFL game of 2016.

For marketers, it’s time to draft your NFL plan. How are you attaching your brand to America’s favorite sport, and how can audio amplify your media plan?

Today we unveil our brand new NFL Listening Report, showing never-before-seen insights from Nielsen.

View the report to find out: 

    • How play-by-play sports audio connects with a more passionate fanbase
    • How the NFL on Westwood One reaches a constantly growing audience
    • Where people listen to NFL audio
    • Who you reach through an NFL audio campaign
    • What NFL audio can add to your current NFL media mix


Key insights from Westwood One’s NFL Listening Report include:

    • NFL listeners are even more engaged with the radio advertising than the average listener.
    • The NFL on Westwood One reaches over 30 million people each season.
    • More than 80% of Westwood One’s NFL audience listens away from home.
    • NFL listeners have more spending power: they are 38% more likely to have a full-time job, 42% more likely to have a $75,000+ household income, and spend 24% more than the average American.
    • The NFL on Westwood One amplifies TV campaign frequency especially among light and medium NFL television viewers.

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