Dennis Miller now hosts a weekday feature exclusively on Westwood One.

Dennis shares his idiosyncratic take on topical issues, the culture and what Americans are talking about in two distinct 60-second programs, Monday through Friday. The new Dennis Miller features showcase his incomparable wit and wisdom and are delivered in the unique Dennis Miller style. Each episode informs, engages, and entertains listeners.

Dennis Miller previously hosted a highly successful weekday talk show on Westwood One for eight years and was heard on hundreds of stations across the country. Miller rose to fame as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and hosted popular talk shows on HBO, CNBC, and in syndication. He is well known for his iconic rants and pop culture references delivered in a unique verbal style.

Each episode is :60 in length with an adjacent network :60.

Miller Minute Sample 1

Miller Minute Sample 2

Miller Minute Sample 3

Miller Minute Sample 4

Miller Minute Sample 5

Miller Minute Sample 6

Miller Minute Sample 7

Miller Minute Sample 8

Delivery method: XDS

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